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About JeyMatt

JeyMatt(resized)JeyMatt, a unique creation derives from the first and middle name of Jason Matthew Tye is an international fashion & glamour photographer based in Penang, Malaysia. He begun his professional photographic career in 2010 and started going abroad for commercial fashion shoot in 2011.


Through his lens, he has learned how to capture special moments and translates them into stunningly beautiful images. He strives to capture the true emotion, personality and intensity in each of his subjects and whether at home or abroad, he has learned to appreciate the beauty in all things.



JeyMatt’s photography is how he speaks. It allows him to show what he loves and how he views the world. Every opportunity to shoot fashion,glamour,  portrait, travel, event, wedding or even a landscape or architecture, is an opportunity for him to create art. Each occasion is unique and a new chance for him to share with others his passion for modern contemporary style photography.


He has a burning enthusiasm to produce exceptional photography and strongly believes that photography is a never-ending learning process.Together with inspiration & passion he is fully committed to the career of photography journey.

JeyMatt's TV Show Interview

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